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Weaving Technology Into Everyday Life

Apple Support : Distributed Media : High-Performance Networking

"People don't know what they want until you show it to them" ~Steve Jobs

About Us

Whether it be support for just about anything from Apple, helping you set up a distributed media system so that you can access your digital library from anywhere in the world, setting up a high-performance wired or wireless network, or helping you through a moment of creative brain-block, we strive to provide you with the best service possible without breaking your bank.

Courtesy. Integrity. Reliability. These are but a few of the strands in our business DNA.

Our Services

Apple Anything

Years of experience allows us the ability to help you with just about any issue you have with your beloved technology. Trust us, we get it; to use it is to love it, and we do LOVE us some Apple products!

Distributed Media

We'll help you build your digital library and then show you how easy it is to access from anywhere on the Internet!

High-Performance Networks

Ready to upgrade to a network that will make your current configuration seem like it's been held together with strings and Solo cups? We're ready when you are!


"Never did I realize what I was missing. David came in and helped me squeeze the most of my DVD & Blu-ray collection; now I can watch them on any TV in the house as well on my tablet when I travel for business! -Mike P. / Austin,TX

Before I called La Frontera Media, I had no idea how slow my network REALLY was! David's patience with my learning curve and his assistance tweaking my wireless network has me excited for the next upgrade. And the one after that. And the one after that! -Sara L. / Round Rock,TX


123 Main Street, Hutto, TX 78634